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Kindly send your query in detail alongwith your GATE and COAP Registration No. for attending the same. Email id:

Welcome to Common Offer Acceptance Portal (COAP)

  • In the additional Round F, IIT Roorkee, IIT Palakkad, IIT Goa, IIT Mandi, IIT Jammu are participating.

  • One last additional round (Round F) will be conducted in COAP. Offers will be made available between Thursday 5th August, 2021 (10 am) to Friday 6th August, 2021 (midnight-12 am). Limited IITs will participate.

  • Round-E admission offers will be made available in COAP on 30th July from 10 am onwards. Please login to COAP to see the offer

  • IIT Bhilai, IIT BHU, IIT Guwahati, IIT Kanpur, IIT Madras and IIT Ropar will not participate in Round E.

  • IIT Bombay will not participate in any of the additonal rounds. (Round D onwards)

  • IISc Bangalore will not participate in any of the additional rounds. (Round C onwards)

  • IIT Jodhpur will not participate in any of the additional rounds.

  • For information about additional round of IIT Kanpur, please visit:

For any query related to the offer from IIT Kharagpur, please write to them.

For additional round, no seperate registration is required. You will be offered your choice like the main rounds depending on vacancy. However there won't be any retain and wait option in the additional rounds.


Please read this before sending a mail. You will not be replied if your query is addressed here. Also, we strongly encourage you to read the Information brochure. Because of high volume of emails received everyday, we may not be able to reply on time.
  • Accept and retain option can be chosen twice for any program XYZ from any Institute ABC. If you get an upgraded offer from the same Institute ABC in the next round, then you will be offered only the upgraded offer from that Institute ABC, not the original offer XYZ which you retained in the last round. However, you may get other offers from other Institutes at the same time.
  • After retaining one offered program for two times (round X and round X+1), if you chose some other program in the round X+2, then you can retain this new program for another 2 times (upto round X+2 and round X+3). However, in the last main round (Round 5), you can’t retain any offer.
  • If you choose ‘retain and wait’ option for a program in one round (say round X) and in the next round (round X+1), if you don’t take any action, your offer for that program will be considered to be rejected. And therefore, in the next round (round X+2), you won’t be offered that program again. However, you have the possibility to get an upgraded program (according to the preference of choices you have filled for that Institute), if exits, from the same Institute.
  • If you accept and freeze an offer, you will no longer be given any more offer in COAP.
  • After choosing ‘accept and freeze’ option in COAP, if you are not getting any offer letter from the Institute, please write to the respective Institute. COAP has no information about this.
  • Before choosing any option in COAP, please think twice. We won’t entertain any of your requests to change your option later.
  • We have no data about rank list/cut off score of any program at the end of each round as the offers are given by the Institutes. Please don’t email us asking the last rank/cut off score of any round.
  • In the round 5, you have only two option - accept and reject. There is no retain option.

Introduction to COAP

COAP provides a common platform for the registered candidates to make the most preferred choice for admission into an M.Tech. Programme in the participating Institutes or job offer from participating Public Sector Units (PSU's). Eight institutes (IIT Bombay, IIT Bhubaneswar, IIT Delhi, IIT Guwahati, IIT Indore, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Madras, IIT Roorkee) joined in COAP 2017 and seventeen institutes participated in COAP 2018. In 2019, twenty one institutes and a PSU NPCIL came together and participated in COAP for filling their M.Tech. seats or job vacancies. In the previous year 2020, twenty one Institutes (IISc, IIT Bhilai, IIT BHU, IIT Bbs, IITB, IITD, IIT Goa, IITG, IITH, IITI, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad, IIT Jodhpur, IITK, IITKgp, IITM, IIT Mandi, IIT Palakkad, IITP, IITR, IIT Ropar, IIT Tirupati) joined the COAP 2020.


  1. COAP is not an Application Portal for M.Tech. Admission in any participating institutes.
  2. The candidate should apply separately to the respective Institute(s) for M.Tech. admission.
  3. Each participating Institute will follow the selection procedure as per the norms and guidelines of the respective Institute.
  4. Participating Institutes will upload their offers on COAP in a time window as given here.
  5. To access and make a decision on the most preferred choice out of the offers (if any) made by participating Institute(s), each candidate should register at COAP.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Candidate must be an Indian National.
  2. Candidate should have a valid GATE score(Qualified in GATE 2021/2020/2019).
Some important points to be noted while registering
  • Please go through the brochure before you go for registration.
  • After your registration with one of the GATE scores (preferably the highest one), please add the additional GATE scores when you login into the portal for the 1st time.
  • After your registration is over, User id will be sent to your registered email address and SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number. Please check your spam folder, if you are unable to see the email in your inbox. Password to be sent by mobile may take some time because of the network issue of the service provider. Please wait for some time in case you don’t receive the password.
  • If you have multiple GATE scores and you are not able to add the scores of previous years in COAP, it may happen because your current NAME (as per GATE 2021 scorecard) mismatches with the names given in previous years GATE scores cards. Please check your names with all the GATE score cards and if there is a mismatch, please write to us quoting a subject “Name mismatch”. Please include the name and registration number year wise in the email.
  • Please wait for a couple of working days to resolve your problems.
Salient features of COAP
  • COAP refers to Common Offer Acceptance Portal, on which all Participating Institutes / PSU's will upload their offers in a common time window as specified.
  • The registered candidates can access the admission / job offers by registering at COAP from all the participating institutes / PSU's where they have applied for M.Tech admissions / jobs.
  • For admission into M.Tech program in any of the participating institutes or applying for a job in any participating PSU, every candidate should also apply to the corresponding Institute/ PSU
  • To understand the mechanism of looking at all the available offers and making a specific choice out of the offers, the candidates are advised to read the guidelines and then register at COAP 2020.
  • COAP is not an Application Portal for M.Tech admission in any participating institute. Candidates should apply separately to the respective Institute(s) for M.Tech admission / PSU for the job.
  • Each participating Institute / PSU will follow the selection procedure as per the norms and guidelines of the respective Institute.
  • To access and make a decision on the most preferred choice out of the offers (if any) made by participating Institute(s), each candidate should register at COAP.
  • COAP registration is completely free. Note that providing COAP registration number has been made mandatory by the participating institutes in their M.Tech application portals.
Participating Institutes

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